Reviews of books ranging from the classic pulp and noir era, to the more contemporary novels that manage to catch my attention…

Block, Lawrence: A Walk Among The Tombstones

Cain, James M.: Mildred Pierce

Cain, James M.: The Cocktail Waitress

Caspary, Vera: Laura

Celestin, Ray: The Axeman’s Jazz

Celestin, Ray: Dead Man’s Blues

Chandler, Raymond: The Big Sleep

Chandler, Raymond: Farewell, My Lovely

Chandler, Raymond: The Little Sister

Hammett, Dashiell: The Continental Op

Homes, Geoffrey: Build My Gallows High (AKA Out of the Past)

Kerr, Philip: March Violets (Bernie Gunther #1)

Kerr, Philip: The Pale Criminal (Bernie Gunther #2)

Kerr, Philip: A German Requiem (Bernie Gunther #3)

Kerr, Philip: The One from the Other (Bernie Gunther #4)

Kerr, Philip: A Quiet Flame (Bernie Gunther #5)

Kerr, Philip: If the Dead Rise Not (Bernie Gunther #6)

Macdonald, Ross: The Chill

Macdonald, Ross: The Goodbye Look

Maltman, Simon: A Chaser on the Rocks

Maltman, Simon: More Faces

Spillane, Mickey: I, the Jury (Mike Hammer #1)

Spillane, Mickey: My Gun is Quick (Mike Hammer #2)

Spillane, Mickey: Vengeance is Mine (Mike Hammer #3)