Book Review – A Walk Among The Tombstones (Lawrence Block)

A Walk Among The Tombstones

Lawrence Block


You hear it all the time now. Cops, DAs, everybody. There’ still DEA guys playing the same old tune, ‘We’re winning the war on drugs. Give us the tools and we can do the job.’ I don’t know, maybe they believe it, but you’re better off believing in the Tooth Fairy. Least that way you might wind up with a quarter under your pillow.”


The tenth book in a series is rarely advisable as a suitable entry point into a new series. Still, with the 2014 film adaption starring Liam Neeson, that is how Lawrence Block’s 1992 novel A Walk Among The Tombstones has been marketed. So with that in mind, I took the dive into the series here and I have to say, came out surprisingly impressed.

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