‘Laura’ – On Page and On Screen

‘Laura’ – On Page and On Screen

Novel by: Vera Caspary

Film directed by: Otto Preminger

1944’s ‘Laura’ is typically considered one of the highlights early film noir. A murder mystery based around a detective’s investigations into the death of the titular character, Laura Hunt, the story is an engaging study into the twisted love and irrational obsession over the mere existence of another human being, and is considered a highly influential entry within the genre.

After having seen the film some months before, I stumbled across a copy of the original novel and decided, having quite enjoyed the movie, to give it a go. It’s a fairly short book (much like the film) and makes for suitable travelling reading. Upon reading it, I was surprised my how much I enjoyed it and followed it on with an immediate re-watching of the movie. Given how popular the film adaption is, I thought a comparison of the two might be of interest, particularly for those less familiar with the original novel. Continue reading


Book Review – A Quiet Flame

A Quiet Flame

Philip Kerr


I think something happened to Germany after the Great War. You could see it on the streets of Berlin. A callous indifference to human suffering. And, perhaps, after all the those demented, sometimes cannibalistic killers we had during the Weimar Years, we ought to have seen it coming: the murder squads and the death factories. Killers who were demented but also quite ordinary…Ordinary people who committed crimes of unparalleled savagery. Looking back at them now they seemed like a sign of that which was to follow…”

The fifth entry in Kerr’s series of novels involving German private eye Bernie Gunther, A Quiet Flame marks a new change of pace for the series – mixing two separate plot lines set across a time gap of nearly seventeen years.  Combining a routine 1933 murder investigation with a continuation of the contemporary story involving Gunther’s arrival in Argentina under the guise of a fleeing Nazi, the book stands out as the most unusual one in the series so far, whilst also providing some of the most memorable scenes of the series so far. Continue reading