Merry Christmas…Ya Filthy Animals

Christmas means the #HomeAlone films. The films which gave us the following classic noir spoofs:





Book Review – Vengeance is Mine

Vengeance is Mine

Mickey Spillane


“I loved to shoot killers. I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do than shoot a killer and watch his blood race a slimy path across the floor. It was fun to kill those bastards who tried to get away with murder and did sometimes.”

Vengeance is Mine marks the third entry in the series featuring New York-based PI Mike Hammer – following on from I, the Jury and My Gun is Quick. This time around, Hammer wakes up in a hotel room following a difficult night of excessive drinking with an old buddy, Chester Wheeler, to find Wheeler dead, the result of an alleged suicide. For his troubles, the police take away Hammer’s licence and he is left facing a future away from the detective business. Continue reading