Film Review – The Big Heat

The Big Heat


Director: Fritz Lang

“Someone’s going to pay….because he forgot to kill me.”

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Film Review – Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard


Director: Billy Wilder

After the success of 1944’s Double Indemnity, Billy Wilder was pretty much the master of his own future. In helping to create one of the most pioneering films of the noir era, he could have been forgiven for taking that film’s success and churning out a series of easy imitations. But instead, he took the harder approach and devoted himself to making films of a wide and varied nature, only sporadically returning to the style of Double IndemnitySunset Boulevard is perhaps the pinnacle of this. One of the darkest and most challenging movies in the whole of film noir, it succeeds as a movie in its own right as well as being a brutally honest depiction (not to mention criticism) of the Hollywood system which created it. Continue reading

‘The Maltese Falcon’ Turns 75

Today marks 75 years since the premier of John Huston’s directorial debut The Maltese Falcon. Arguably the first, and unarguably one of the very finest films of the noir era. The film to truly break Humphrey Bogart into stardom, it remains one of his finest performances, and is one of the most faithful examples of the book-to-screen transitions you can find.



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